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Latest Reviews

Cover Image
Daddy : stories / Emma Cline.
Author: Cline, Emma, author.
Publisher: London : Chatto & Windus, 2020.
Review by:  on: 18/02/2024 11:46:49 AM
Member Rating:
quite possibly one of the most miserable depressing boring books that I have ever read.
If reading uninspired snippets of people leading drab and pointless lives excites you this is the book for you. Otherwise read ANYTHING else.
Cover Image
The burning god / R.F. Kuang.
Author: Kuang, R. F. (Rebecca F.), author.
Publisher: London : Harper Voyager, 2021. -- ©2020
Review by: Giselele  on: 10/01/2024 10:54:39 PM
Member Rating:
The ending will haunt my mind for who knows how long. This series must be read by everyone at least once in a their life.
Cover Image
The top five regrets of the dying : a life transformed by the dearly departing / Bronnie Ware.
Author: Ware, Bronnie, author. -- Ware, Bronnie.
Publisher: Alexandria, NSW : Hay House Australia, 2019. -- ©2019
Review by: Astroboy  on: 2/12/2023 2:11:35 PM
Member Rating:
This is a must read book - Bronnie Ware is amazing how she learns from the people who are dying and then turns her life around - compelling - yes ! Thought providing - yes !
Cover Image
Circe / Madeline Miller.
Author: Miller, Madeline, author.
Publisher: London Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018.
Review by: hayden  on: 20/10/2023 12:40:32 AM
Member Rating:
Circe a failure as a divine but a success as a witch with the power of transformation of turning men into swine. Madeline Miller places her within the Greek pantheon of gods and episodes that have inspired ever since. Prometheus punished for bringing fire to mortals because fire was a change Daedalus the inventor dreaming of escape Minos and the minotaur and her part in the story of Odysseus is changed to his part in the story of Circe. Circe feels trapped by her divinity never changing and wants to join the world of life which transforms itself until death. The scholarship is exquisite as is the telling of the story from Circe the naiad who becomes Circe the witch who becomes Circe the mortal.
Cover Image
Squished / Megan Wagner Lloyd and Michelle Mee Nutter.
Author: Lloyd, Megan Wagner, author. -- Nutter, Michelle Mee, artist.
Publisher: New York : Graphix, 2023.
Review by: Lee, Rebecca Mrs  on: 23/09/2023 2:02:59 PM
Member Rating:
Amazing book!
If you liked this book then I highly recomend a book called Parachute kids by Betty C. Tang.
Cover Image
The mathematics lover's companion : masterpieces for everyone / Edward Scheinerman.
Author: Scheinerman, Edward R., author.
Publisher: New Haven Yale University Press, [2017] -- ©2017
Review by: Takesh, Laila Ms  on: 15/08/2023 8:42:08 AM
Member Rating:
This book was amazing I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to learn more about maths it demonstrates complex principles in a simple way It is now my dream to work at Jonh hoppkins and to become a maths professor.
Cover Image
With the falling of the dusk / Stan Grant.
Author: Grant, Stan, 1963- author.
Publisher: Sydney, NSW : HarperCollins Publishers Australia Pty Ltd, 2021. -- ©2021
Review by: CitySydLib  on: 21/07/2023 1:39:56 PM
Member Rating:
First class critique by Stan Grant.
Cover Image
Never look away.
Author: Florian Henckel Von Donnersmarck. -- Henckel von Donnersmarck, Florian, 1973-, film director, film producer, screenwriter. -- Schilling, Tom, 1982-, actor. -- Koch, Sebastian, 1962-, actor. -- Beer, Paula, 1995-, actor. -- Rosendahl, Saskia, 1993-, actor.
Publisher: [Kew, Victoria] : Umbrella Entertainment, [2020] -- ©2018
Review by: hayden  on: 16/07/2023 11:44:20 PM
Member Rating:
A novel about art versus fatherhood. In the beginning the mere touch of a father figure could induce madness. Fathers fail throughout from wrong choices or controlling choices. Through the differing time periods and regimes from 1930's to the Germany to be in the 1960's fathers are shown as constraining choices. Art is the escape to overcome the paternalistic view upon the world. The protagonist a male artist has to confront this paradigm while wanting to be a father himself. A film shot lovingly to capture the essence of art overcoming societal bonds that constrain.
Cover Image
Heroic losers.
Author: Sebastian Borensztein. -- Borensztein, Sebastián, film director. -- Darín, Ricardo, actor. -- Brandoni, Luis, actor.
Publisher: [Australia] : Madman Entertainment, [2021]
Review by: raj  on: 24/05/2023 1:32:53 PM
Member Rating:
Highly Recommended by a customer
Cover Image
Advice for working moms.
Author: Review, Harvard Business. -- Harvard Business Review Press, author.
Publisher: Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, [2021]
Review by: ACC  on: 16/05/2023 11:18:39 AM
Member Rating:
There is lots of great advice in this book but what a pity the book is inherently sexist. What about working dad's Surely this is a book about working parents and the title should say that. By calling it 'advice for working moms' the author and publisher are really just reinforcing cultural norms that underpin a sexist division of labour presuming that the caring and family support work will be done by the woman. Calling it 'advice for working parents' would be more accurate and would help break down the sexist stereotypes and open up more men and women to the possibility that dad's can and should take on caring and family work as well as paid work.
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