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Slow : Live. Life. Simply / Brooke McAlary ; [illustrated by Astred Hicks].
Author: McAlary, Brooke, author. -- Hicks, Astred, illustrator.
Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W. Allen & Unwin, 2017.
Review by: Katikus  on: 22/03/2018 1:37:02 PM
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I love this book - Brooke McAlary is really at the forefront of the Slow Movement in Australia and has a very popular podcast called The Slow Home Podcast which delves deeply into the whole idea of slowing down in a fast paced world. I really enjoyed the podcasts and the book. Changed the way I looked and perceived my life with many benefits for my children and family too.
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A man called Ove.
Author: Backman, Fredrik, 1981- -- Film adaptations. -- Holm, Hannes, film director. -- Lassgård, Rolf, 1955-, actor. -- Pars, Bahar, 1979-, actor. -- Berg, Filip, 1986-, actor. -- Engvoll, Ida, 1985-, actor. -- Motion picture adaptation of (work) Backman, Fredr
Publisher: Australia Distributed by Reel DVD, [2017] -- ©2017
Review by: disney  on: 19/03/2018 2:21:51 PM
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The Swedish movie "A man called Ove" (2015), directed/screenplay by Hannes Holm, starring Rolf Lassgard as Ove Lindahl, Bahar Pars as Parvaneh, Ida Engvoll as Sonja and a host of talented actors. The movie is based on a book by Fredrik Backman. It is set in a townhouse neighbourhood, where 59 year old Ove resides. Ove insists that the neighbourhood be kept meticulous in appearance and demands that all rules are adhere to by residents and visitors. Having lost his wife Sonja, six months earlier and made to retire after having worked for the same company for 43 years, sends Ove into dispair. However, when new resident, Iranian immigrant, Parvaneh along with her Swedish husband and two daughters arrive, life takes on a new meaning for Ove Lindahl. A beautifully constructed film. The flashbacks flow well throughout, revealing snapshots of Ove's life and the man he truely is. Humourous and tragic. The movie was nominated at the 89th Academy Awards for "Best Foreign Language Film" and "Best make-up and Hairstyling".
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Circuit scribe : conductive ink pen.
Publisher: Electroninks.
Review by: 89sayzsadSSJ  on: 17/03/2018 12:27:25 PM
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this is to develop a npn related super-ciruit
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Ibiza classics / Pete Tong with the Heritage Orchestra ; conducted by Jules Buckley.
Author: Tong, Pete, performer. -- Buckley, Jules, conductor. -- Heritage Orchestra, performer.
Publisher: [Australia] UMC, [2017] -- ©2017
Review by: robydc  on: 16/03/2018 10:09:08 AM
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Brilliant work here using an orchestra to play classic tunes. Amazing to hear your favourites in a new light.
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The comic book story of video games : the incredible history of the electronic gaming revolution / Jonathan Hennessey ; art by Jack McGowan.
Author: Hennessey, Jonathan, 1971- author. -- McGowan, Jack, illustrator.
Publisher: [Berkeley, California] : Ten Speed Press, [2017] -- ©2017
Review by: robydc  on: 16/03/2018 8:06:35 AM
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The by-line statement in the title rings true for this graphic novel "The incredible history of the electronic gaming revolution". It is indeed incredible how quickly the advance in gaming came about, but what is most interesting is the backgrounds of many of the developers, thinkers, major players etc. and how they got into the gaming scene. With a graphic novel, the space between "boxes" is what the reader is supposed to fill in themselves, but I found that there was a large amount of jumping around timelines that was a little confusing. Overall a fascinating read for those who would like a lesson in the history of video games.
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Teresa / Deborah Abela.
Author: Abela, Deborah, 1966-, author.
Publisher: Parkside, S.Aust. : Omnibus Books, 2016. -- ©2016
Review by: andrewgoodguy3225  on: 15/03/2018 3:24:03 PM
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a really good book
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The natural way of things / Charlotte Wood.
Author: Wood, Charlotte, 1965-, author.
Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W. Allen & Unwin, 2015. -- ©2015
Review by: hayden  on: 13/03/2018 4:57:32 PM
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A novel that brutally delivers on brutality. Ten women have been victimised by a misogynistic society and are incarcerated because of society's indifference friends and family's failure to support and their own blindness such as Verla's not seeing the truth about her politician boy friend as she needs the fantasy of love to paper over her world view. The women wake up in a bush camp are treated inhumanly and then their pitiable male gaolers are also locked in with them. Misogyny is a powerful evil but the novel works better in The Lord of the Flies country where they have to fend for themselves. Only one learns how to hunt to survive and she is the one who sees clearly. The others apart from Verla do not change enough to see clearly which is their entrapment. A thought provoking novel on the dangers of the male world controlling too much discourse.
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Fear the walking dead. The complete third season.
Publisher: Moore Park, N.S.W. Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment South Pacific, [2017] -- ©2017
Review by: hayden  on: 13/03/2018 4:26:17 PM
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Production values are high illustrative vignettes such as the old man and his toothless zombie wife are bittersweet and the long story arc is well plotted. Not about leadership as is in the background of the Walking Dead but merely about survival and adaptability. The dysfunctional family at the heart of Fear the Walking Dead propels action and is a hindrance. How much dysfunctionality can anyone handle in a world where survival is a bite away. Also the issue constantly bobs up if this family had stayed at home to carry out their dysfunctional quest the world would be a better place. The writers have seen this need as individually their stories have meaning as a family one does not want to know. Unlike the East Coast Walking Dead this is more about the bare bones of survival which is why water is a salient point. A cradle of civilisation or the beginning of a tyranny. Next season!
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三国 [videorecording] = Three Kingdoms / 总导演, 高希希 ; 编剧, 朱苏进.
Author: 陈健斌. -- 于和伟. -- 陆毅 -- 高希希. -- 朱苏进.
Publisher: 北京 : 九州音像出版公司, 2010.
Review by: KimSong  on: 12/03/2018 10:14:39 PM
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This set is wrongly labelled. There are no English subtitles only hardcoded chinese subtitles.
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A monster calls.
Author: Ness, Patrick, 1971- -- Film adaptations. -- Bayona, J. A. (Juan Antonio), film director. -- Atienza, Belén, film producer. -- Ness, Patrick, 1971-, screenwriter. -- MacDougall, Lewis, 2002-, actor. -- Weaver, Sigourney, 1949-, actor. -- Jones, Felicity,
Publisher: Moore Park, New South Wales Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2017] -- ©2017
Review by: disney  on: 8/03/2018 11:57:59 AM
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The movie "A monster calls" (2016) is directed by J.A. Bayona (Jurassic world: fallen kingdom), screenplay by Patrick Ness, cinematography by Oscar Faura, starring Sigourney Weaver ("Alien" fame), Felicity Jones (The theory of everything), Lewis McDougall (Pan) and Liam Neeson (The mission). The movie is about a 12 year old boy called Conor O'Malley (Lewis McDougall), burdened with everyday responsibilities, due his mother's, Elizabeth (Felicity Jones), terminal illness. Conor's grandmother, Mrs Clayton (Sigourney Weaver) comes to help unload some of the burden. She takes him into her home, while Conor's mother receives experimental treatment in hospital. At exactly 12.07am a monster calls (voiced by Liam Neeson) to let Conor know that he will be telling him three stories. After the third story, Conor must reveal the truth about the fourth story, Conor's reoccuring nightmare. The anti-climax, the revelation of Conor's tormenting nightmare, is powerful and raw, full of emotional guilt and pain. Brilliantly acted by Lewis McDougall. The cinematography is dark, symbolic of Conor's inner turmoil. The special effects are detailed. Watch for the cameo appearance by Geraldine Chaplin as the Head Teacher of Conor's school.
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