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Scrublands / Chris Hammer.
Author: Hammer, Chris (Journalist), author.
Publisher: Crows Nest, N.S.W. : Allen & Unwin, 2018.
Review by: Nordeck, Megan Ms  on: 24/11/2019 10:43:37 AM
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OK for a summer read. There's a lot going on in a drought-stricken rural town. The protagonist is a man with demons in his past & a complicated relationship with his hands. Metadata features as do Dr Seuss-like names - the Snouches of Springfield Mandalay Blonde.
There is a Pale Blue Crochet Coathanger Cover moment 'Jason He's not a bikie. He's an invalid with a Yamaha.'
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A little hatred / Joe Abercrombie.
Author: Abercrombie, Joe, author.
Publisher: London : Gollancz, 2019.
Review by: hayden  on: 3/11/2019 3:01:06 PM
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What an acerbic wit that looks at both individual character and character of society. The scene where the head of fashion has to crawl and go from being fashionable to deliberately not says a lot both about controlling themes of fashion and surviving in societies of various sorts. This is the beginning of a new cycle in his First Law world where he wisely keeps the same world but pushes the world a generation into the future with the new systemic evil of the industrial revolution where society is vicious to itself while it changes. Favourite parts tend to be the north because of the fatalistic brutality and an old world struggling to become new and certain characters. Yes Orso the Crown Prince is a hollow reed but does it reflect how society has made him a hollow reed Survival is what binds this world together.
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O Josephine! / by Jason.
Author: Jason, 1965-, author, illustrator. -- Cohen, Leonard, 1934-2016 -- Influence -- Comic books, strips, etc. -- Napoleon, Emperor of the French I, 1769-1821 -- Comic books, strips, etc. -- Baker, Josephine, 1906-1975 -- Comic books, strips, etc.
Publisher: Seattle, Washington : Fantagraphics Books, [2019]
Review by: hayden  on: 8/10/2019 12:48:48 AM
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Four comics three don't work one works very well. Wicklow Way points out the peccadilloes of hiking the joys the whatevers the needing to do a 180 on your walk. The style is laconic and sparse which suits the subject matter. Laconic and sparse does not work with the others. Often was gasping for meaning. Relied on the reader to supply too much meaning between the comic book frames. The stories did not go anywhere so I lost interest.
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The walking dead. Volume 32, Rest in peace / Robert Kirkman, creator, writer, cover ; Charlie Adlard, penciler, inker ; Stefano Gaudiano, inker ; Cliff Rathburn, gray tones ; Rus Wooton, letterer ; Dave Stewart, cover.
Author: Kirkman, Robert, creator, author, illustrator. -- Adlard, Charles, 1966-, illustrator. -- Gaudiano, Stefano, illustrator. -- Rathburn, Cliff, illustrator. -- Wooton, Rus, illustrator. -- Stewart, Dave, illustrator.
Publisher: Portland, Oregon : Image Comics, [2019]
Review by: hayden  on: 8/10/2019 12:43:51 AM
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Wow a surprise ending. Apologies but minor spoilers. As epitomised as where Walkers go from horrors to sideshow exhibit. This is one of the better comics in the series as the story arc of Rick Grimes is complete and so they can play around with plot and character leaving issues hanging such as with this brave new world with brave new characters bearing the seed of their own destruction Artwork and story more upbeat to indicate a brighter future where we have to keep on living.
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Through the wormhole / by Zack Zombie.
Author: Zombie, Zack (Fictitious character), author.
Publisher: Gosford, New South Wales : Koala Books, 2019.
Review by: williamd  on: 26/09/2019 5:56:51 PM
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Cameras & Kalashnikovs : the making of Jirga / Benjamin Gilmour.
Author: Gilmour, Benjamin, 1975-, author, photographer. -- Gilmour, Benjamin, 1975- -- Travel -- Afghanistan.
Publisher: [Place of publication not identified] [Publisher not identified], 2018.
Review by: ozhamada  on: 29/08/2019 3:39:01 PM
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A fascinating account of the making of a film. A very raw account at that with all the risk dirt and detours. It was a joy to see that it was a story of forgiveness in a country that is described as a nation of widows.
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Salt : selected stories and essays.
Author: Pascoe, Bruce, 1947-, author.
Publisher: Carlton, Victoria : Blakc Inc., [2019]
Review by: ozhamada  on: 28/08/2019 3:40:32 PM
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Pascoe displays an antagonism towards government God Christians and the church that is most undesirable. It comes out in a number of the essays. As to God Christians and the church Pascoe at no point indicates that he has ever once sought to work with those whom cause him grief.

I'm willing to accept that my education about aboriginal Australians was very poor yet I am not inspired to learn from someone who is so expressive of his angst towards those who may be valuable allies.

Please less of the 'us' & 'them' and more clever ways of including everyone in the discussion.
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The road to Grantchester / James Runcie.
Author: Runcie, James, 1959-, author. -- Chambers, Sidney -- Fiction.
Publisher: London : Bloomsbury, 2019.
Review by: Gay06  on: 22/08/2019 2:13:15 PM
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Very enjoyable and adds more to the story that I have been following watching the r.
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Synthesizer OP-1 / Teenage Engineering.
Publisher: Stockholm : Teenage Engineering, [2018]. -- ©2018
Review by: Rubi9  on: 19/08/2019 4:45:42 PM
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Incredibly versatile synth. With this synth you can sample sounds sequence and record in tape mode. There's so much to discover with this easy to use synth and to boot you can use it as a midi controller via the USB cable. And it's all free to use at the library!
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Small business for dummies / Veechi Curtis.
Author: Curtis, Veechi, author.
Publisher: John Wiley, 2016. -- Milton, Queensland John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd, 2017. -- ©2017
Review by: Dai, Teddy Mr  on: 17/08/2019 12:15:20 AM
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Easy to read lots of useful and practical information covering everything about starting and managing a small business I think I want to buy this to keep as reference.
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