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Synthesizer OP-1 / Teenage Engineering.
Publisher: Stockholm : Teenage Engineering, [2018]. -- ©2018
Review by: Rubi9  on: 19/08/2019 4:45:42 PM
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Incredibly versatile synth. With this synth you can sample sounds sequence and record in tape mode. There's so much to discover with this easy to use synth and to boot you can use it as a midi controller via the USB cable. And it's all free to use at the library!
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Small business for dummies / Veechi Curtis.
Author: Curtis, Veechi, author.
Publisher: John Wiley, 2016. -- Milton, Queensland John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd, 2017. -- ©2017
Review by: Dai, Teddy Mr  on: 17/08/2019 12:15:20 AM
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Easy to read lots of useful and practical information covering everything about starting and managing a small business I think I want to buy this to keep as reference.
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Small business for dummies / Veechi Curtis.
Author: Curtis, Veechi.
Publisher: Richmond, Vic. : Wiley, c2013.
Review by: Dai, Teddy Mr  on: 17/08/2019 12:14:35 AM
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Easy to read lots of useful and practical information covering everything about starting and managing a small business I think I want to buy this to keep as reference.
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Diary of a wimpy kid : Greg Heffley's journal / by Jeff Kinney.
Author: Kinney, Jeff, author.
Publisher: Camberwell, Vic. Puffin Books, 2008. -- ©2007
Review by: Jones, Lucy Miss  on: 9/07/2019 7:13:36 AM
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very funny and enjoyable book .
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The poison jungle / by Tui T. Sutherland.
Author: Sutherland, Tui, 1978-, author.
Publisher: New York : Scholastic Press, [2019]
Review by: Du, Xiaolian Mrs  on: 5/07/2019 10:15:31 AM
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IT's one of the best book ever.
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The 80/20 principle : the secret of achieving more with less / Richard Koch.
Author: Koch, Richard, 1950-, author.
Publisher: London : Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2017.
Review by: ozhamada  on: 4/07/2019 11:31:16 AM
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A business classic that has practical advice on how both to analyse data and think. Libraries themselves are a wonderful 8020 model.....of the 20 of the books that I care to read 80 of them are ordinarily accessible through a single library thence nearing 100 at all libraries.
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Pachinko [eBook] / Min Jin Lee.
Author: Lee, Min Jin.
Publisher: London : Apollo, 2017. -- ©2017
Review by: SuzieLou  on: 21/06/2019 7:09:08 AM
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Very interesting read.
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Use your words : a myth-busting, no-fear approach to writing / Catherine Deveny.
Author: Deveny, Catherine, 1968-, author.
Publisher: Carlton, Vic. Black Inc. Books, [2016] -- ©2016
Review by: West  on: 20/06/2019 2:50:40 PM
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'Don't take directions from anyone unless they have been there.' Catherine didn't really talk about structure or how to spell words. She did say my opinion doesnt matter what matter was she finished her book and so can you. Review is entirely subjective. Do you spend your life stressing about things you should be doing Feel you could have done more Desperately seek approval from others Read this book.
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Tiamat's wrath / James S.A. Corey.
Author: Corey, James S. A., author.
Publisher: London : Orbit, 2019.
Review by: hayden  on: 30/05/2019 4:36:12 PM
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The second last one in the series and it shows as more of the threads are pulled together some discarded for a clean final narrative and others such as the dread millions of years old foe has our attention and is becoming more of a clear and present threat from its murky capricious state. Feel for the characters and their situations and their ingenuity when faced with strangeness beyond knowledge. Thought processes and points of view dominate this work as we see the world through their eyes. Not afraid to kill off some characters the authors are equably not afraid to bring new ones to the fore for when dealing with alien technology different specialities are needed to cope and understand. A stud penultimate novel to tie in and tie up before clean the slate so that the final novel will have something more to say.
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Salvation / Peter F. Hamilton.
Author: Hamilton, Peter F., author.
Publisher: London : Macmillan, 2018.
Review by: hayden  on: 30/05/2019 4:28:08 PM
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Ooh! This is one of those books that cries out for a ten star rating because I would like to give it a nine minus one for some plot pacing that is awry. In the future two races come to earth one clandestine and one not but which is the more inimical. The book is called a sequence because of the different time periods used because perhaps if there is interstellar conflict time and space will be two issues that will determine the nature of that fight. Peter excels at technological invention innovation and the various uses that can be made of these. Alien physiology is well addressed such as the beings with five minds and how they harmonise or how one can malfunction the others. Or an aside on our own species where some people aim for trans-gender to cross from one gender to another to and fro in their life to become a more rounded person. Curious as to how a space faring race has religion on such a high priority but that will perhaps be explained in the next. Character is there but often defined and enhanced by technology. After a slow paced start a great read.
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